Engraving Machines and Marking Solutions


Electrical Label Marking

Electrical Contractors and Electrical Departments need to create Hard Plastic labels (either stuck on, drilled and fixed) for the following: Electrical Switchboards Light, Power and Control Switch labelling Cable labelling Fuse labelling Small Caution and Safety Labels Gauge labelling Safety and Warning plates The Electrical labelling machine that is best depends on the desired volume.[…..]


Commercial Engravers Perth

Commercial Engravers use engraving equipment to create income by providing engraved products and solutions. The right engraving machines help a business to maximize productivity, engraving quality, accuracy and income. The following industries require specific engraving equipment:   To identify which engraving system is best for your particular stainless steel engraving, call 08 9328 7120

Stainless Steel Marking

The best way to mark Stainless Steel, is with a fibre marker (Laser)

The example on the right engraves black in 20 seconds, engraving cannot be removed with a wire brush

Part Marking and Identification

Parts often need to be engraved or marked for the following reasons: Item identification Quality control Batch number tracking Convenience of assembly Operating parameters (e.g. maximum voltage) Expiry date notification Theft prevention Service date notification The best equipment for the job depends upon: Material (Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Plastic) Volume requirements Cost – economies of scale[…..]


Sign making and Engravers

Our TM700 and Laser engraving machines can produce a wide range of durable high-quality business signs, to include: Mandatory Braille Tactile signs Street number sign Front of Building Business Name Behind reception Business name Office Directory sign Door signs Information signs e.g. staff only Safety signs e.g. fire exit Popular for braille and engraving is[…..]