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Engraving Machines
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Engraving Materials

We provide a range of materials unique to the engraving industry. These materials are readily available from Engraving Supplies making them easy to purchase. They offer durable quality, ideal for electrical labelling, small signage and door signage.

Traffolyte Engraving Materials

Traffolye is the perfect material for electrical labelling where 50+ year life is expected.LEARN MORE

Rowmark LaserMax and LaserMark

Rowmark/LaserMax for use with professional engravers with options in thickness and applications.LEARN MORE

Stainless Steel Cable Markers/Marker Plates/Blanks

Engraved stainless steel labels for extremely long life in harsh conditions.LEARN MORE

Cermark Tape/Patches

We have self adhesive patches of cermark.LEARN MORE

Anodised Aluminium Plates & Valve Tags

Anodised tags available in custom sizes and colour options. Great for valve tags.LEARN MORE

TESA Self Adhesive Tapes

A quality product, great for holding electrical labels in hot and/or damp conditions.LEARN MORE

Budget Rotary Traf

PVC based rotary traf can be laser-engraved, but not laser-cut.LEARN MORE

Door Name Plate Extrusions

Door name plates are great for changeable door signage.LEARN MORE