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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Giving you Control of Your Engraving Process

Engraving Supplies started in 1990 as a major supplier to the engraving, labelling and signage industries. Over 25 years of quality, market-proven products, support and training has ensured our clients have the best labelling and engraving systems in the business.

About Us

Engraving Supplies was procured in 1973 by Phil Sheridan. Formerly trading as Sheridan’s Trade Sales, the company changed names to Engraving Supplies in October 2009. This name change reflects the position of the company more accurately, is memorable and establishes a strong presence in the market.Along with the name change a new look and feel were developed to represent the excellent products and services that we deliver and the passion of our team. Our team is able to work through the entire range of services from startup and purchasing new equipment to the continual supply of all your consumables as well as machine maintenance.

Anzac Badges

Anzac Badges worn at ANZAC cove by our Soldiers in 1915, were manufactured by our parent company.

“Sheridan’s Metal Stamping and Engraving” was Established in 1913, and the company is still operating as “Sheridans Badges” today, in Subiaco WA. The 80 ton press used to manufacture these badges, and the dies and tools are on display at the Australian War Museum Fremantle.

Sheridans is the parent company of “Engraving Supplies’. The the below video of ANZAC badges stamped by “Birtha” with the 80 ton press.