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FREE Engraving & Labelling Consultation

FREE Engraving And Labelling Consultation (Valued at $200)

consultationThis consultation (metro Perth on-site or phone conference Aust wide) will help you identify your engraving or labelling equipment needs, usage, capacity and staff training requirements.Following this consultation, we’ll prepare a detailed proposal with equipment recommendations, purchase and hire pricing, and support and training options.Far more than a simple equipment quote, this consultation and proposal will ensure you get the best equipment, value and long-term usage out of your engraving and labelling solutions.In this consultation, you’ll learn:
  • The right technology and machine that best suits their engraving needs (do you need rotary engraving, diamond drag engraving, diamond rotary engraving, dot-pin engraving, CO2 Laser engraving, Fibre laser, or Cold green laser?
  • The best value option comparing machine pricing versus staff operating time savings
  • Advice on the appropriate materials to suit your application (chemical exposure, UV exposure, high temperature, impact and abrasion)
  • The best equipment for workshops with multiple users (e.g. FIFO workers)
  • Whether capital purchase, rental or finance is best suited to your needs
  • What training and technical requirements are needed for new operators
  • Which machines and their associated software suit and/or are compatible with your current IT systems and environment
  • Cost saving of using your own equipment versus outsourcing your engraving or labelling
  • Chemical & Fire Ramifications of using certain Laser engraving in particular environments
  • How to avoid hidden outsourcing costs (such as admin time, correcting errors, sign off delays)
  • How technological advances is simplifying engraving and reduce capital purchase costs
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