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Traffolyte Engraving Machines Perth

If you are looking for a Traffolyte/CO2 engraver, we would like to introduce you to our new technology TraffMaster laser system, now very affordable, starting from $44/ week on our finance plan. Our CO2 laser engravers are easy to use, reliable, and have almost no running costs. The compact design has a small footprint, making it easy to deliver through a standard door.

Traffolyte Engraving Machine Products


Work Area 300x200


Work Area 400x350


Work Area 600×350


Work Area 730x410x

Our systems are supplied as a complete working system with a configured PC, out of the box ready to engrave. We offer easy to follow training, full support via, phone, and Teamviewer log-in to resolve issues. We have a wide range of Traffolyte and laser-friendly materials in stock.

With over 60 years of experience in the engraving industry, we are highly proficient in installing, training, and troubleshooting. Our engravers are great for producing a variety of items -traffolyte labels, “Cermark” engraved stainless steel cable markers, large signs, and can vector cut a variety of materials. Graphics can be engraved to include logos, photos, bar codes and data matrix.

The intuitive software and inbuilt camera make alignment and set-up very easy. The software is not limited by a dongle, so jobs can be set up in the office PC, or on a notebook on site, and then email them for production in your workshop. This feature provides greater flexibility and convenience in managing urgent label issues. The TM600 is the most popular for electrical workshops.

We offer easy to follow training, in our office in the metro area, or we can be flown to site. If you find it too difficult to attend our office for training or it is too complicated to send our trainer to your site, we offer remote training via TeamViewer. This will allow you to receive comprehensive training from the comfort of your own location. Please note that this is a professional service and we will ensure that you receive the highest quality of training possible. With 20 minutes of our training, this engraving system is very easy to use.

Note: All our CO@ machines are Class1 laser compliant, and supplied tag and tested to Australian standards.