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Stainless Steel Engraving Machines

Stainless Steel Engraving Machines Perth

Permanent marking in a few seconds Durable marking to include:

Stainless Steel Engraving Machines Perth

Metal Master 15

Direct to Metal Engraver, The MM15 offers easy high-speed laser marking, it has been designed for marking metal materials, it can mark other hard types of materials like plastic parts, and data plates. The design is portable, open, and multi-functional. It brings you a new laser marking experience.LEARN MORE

Metal Master 15 Pro

Direct to Metal Engraver, The MM15 Pro is perfect for larger workshops, working in a shared workspace. This is the same machine as the MM15 but has several upgrades suitable for a larger workshop.LEARN MORE

Metal Master - Class 1

Direct to Metal Engraver, The Class 1 offers easy high-speed Permanent laser marking, it has been designed for marking all metal materials, it can mark other hard types of materials like plastic parts, and data plates. As a Class 1 Laser it is Minesite safe, Powerful, flexible, and multi-functional. It opens up a range of new capabilities in house.LEARN MORE

If you are looking for a stainless steel laser engraver, you should consider our new technology that has revolutionised stainless steel engraving. And now very affordable, starting from $44/ week on our finance plan. Our Fibre laser engravers are super fast, easy to use, and reliable. Our machines are supplied as a complete working system with a configured PC, out of the box ready to engrave. We offer full support, phone and Teamviewer log-in to resolve issues.

Costing from $10k, which is much lower than the $85k price tag of other laser engravers a few years ago. We supply a wide range of blanks, like stainless steel cable markers, stainless steel panel tags and anodised tags, The intuitive software allows you to design and edit your engraving projects. It also has a red laser alignment tool that helps you position your material accurately. The software is not limited by a dongle, so jobs can be set up in the office PC, or on a notebook on site, and then email them for product on in your workshop. This feature provides greater flexibility and convenience in managing urgent label issues.

It has almost no running costs or annual service fees, which means you can save money and me. It is a light and compact machine that weighs only 11 kg and uses a standard power point. You can easily move it around and plug it in anywhere. The MetalMaster Fibre lasers will NOT engrave traffolyte, but they will engrave “Hybrid Traff”. “Hybrid Traff” has a ten year exterior rating, is only available in white that will engrave a very dark grey.

We offer easy to follow training, in our office in the metro area, or we can be flown to site. If you find it too difficult to attend our office for training or it is too complicated to send our trainer to your site, we offer remote training via TeamViewer. This will allow you to receive comprehensive training from the comfort of your own location. Please note that this is a professional service and we will ensure that you receive the highest quality of training possible. this engraving system is very easy to use.

Note: All our machines are supplied tagged and tested to Australian standards.