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What Is Involved in Food and Pharmaceutical Marking?

The packaging and label are the first points of interaction between a customer, patient or a healthcare professional, and the product. Through marking and labelling, important information is introduced about the safe use of health or food products. They also help to establish product identification and administration.

But what is involved in food and pharmaceutical marking?


Most foods and medicines have specific types of labelling that allow you to identify where the medicine is sold, how to store it, expiry date, and batch number and company address of the supplier. This helps you trace it if a problem occurs.


Marking needs to be accurate and without any errors because all labelling needs to adhere to certain regulations. Consistency, clarity and quality of labelling are important, especially when it comes to identically packaged items with different formulations and ingredients.

Accurate food labelling is critical for consumers to be able to make informed and safe decisions, particularly those with allergies. This applies to listing both food and medicine ingredients and expiry tag labels.

Laser Coding

Laser coding of tablets was developed to mark an individual code directly on the surface of the tablet. The purpose of that is to make it easy to authenticate the drug in order to protect patients from counterfeit medicines. The reason why lasers are the best tool for coding is that the laser ensures control of marking characteristics in a process that guarantees hygiene.

Foil Inscription

Foil inscriptions are engraved markings on the aluminium foil packaging of tablets, creams, and capsules. For this, plenty of techniques can be used, including laser, hot stamping, and pad printing, to name a few.

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