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Electrical Label Marking


Electrical Contractors and Electrical Departments need to create Hard Plastic labels (either stuck on, drilled and fixed) for the following:

  • Electrical Switchboards
  • Light, Power and Control
  • Switch labelling
  • Cable labelling
  • Fuse labelling
  • Small Caution and Safety Labels
  • Gauge labelling
  • Safety and Warning plates

The Electrical labelling machine that is best depends on the desired volume.

We recommend the following equipment:

  • 15 labels per week – M20abc
  • 50+ labels per week – M40abc
  • 100+ labels per week – M40pc
  • 200+ labels per week – IS200
  • 300+ labels per week – IS900
  • 500+ labels per week – LS100

Consideration needs to be given to the need to produce strip labels, or cutting holes, or machining rectangular holes through 3mm traffolyte.

To identify which engraving system is best for your particular range of products,
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