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The TM400 400×375 laser engraving system is faster, more powerful, and has twice the engraving area of the Tm300. It is ideal for making batch labels of different sizes on one traffolyte plate.

The machine comes with a new configured PC and is ready to use out of the box. You will get great result engraving traffolyte, “Cermark stainless steel” wood leather and glass. Specifications- 400x375mm, 40watt CO2, 40KG, 5-15mm cutting, Desk top footprint size 800x670x250mm. Max dia with optional cylinderical max dia 80mm. Included in the package is a new PC UPS power protection, and a budget 300mm safe traffolyte cutter.

Fume extraction -options are

a- to the out side of the workshop, in an industrial or non populated area.

b-optional economy beam-air carbon filter for well vented large workshops $1,500ex

c-industrial grade carbon filter for poorly vented closed work areas. $3,900ex.

This system is ideal for small to medium electrical workshop or manufacturing business. All our CO2 machines are Class1 laser compliant, and supplied tag and tested to Australian standards. With 30 minutes of our training, your staff will be able to make traffolyte labels in house. This machine is very easy to use, available on a finance plan at $59/week.