Engraving Machines and Marking Solutions

Dot Peen Engraver (Micropercussion)

Budget Dot Peen Engraver for Labels & Complience Plates

  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Traffolyte label plastic

Dot Peen Marking

  • Engraving area 200 x 150mm
  • Easy engraving using micro-percussion technology
  • Noise suppression power head (still noisy ok for workshop)
  • Easy to use software (request WIN7-10)
  • Heavy duty rails and components (10kg weight)
  • Company design 400 x 300mm (250mm height)
  • Software includes auto serial numbering
  • Software includes Data-matrix
  • Compatible with Autocad/CorelDraw and more
  • System is supplied with Refurbished notebook PC
  • Supplied ready to plug in and engrave.
  • Free delivery installation and training (Metro)
  • Remote “team viewer” training can be arranged
  • Easy machine – one depth screw/one greeen go button
  • After sales support-debugging-spares-full swap-out

To identify which engraving system is best for your particular stainless steel engraving,
call 08 9328 7120