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Dot Peen Engraver Perth (Micropercussion)

image7Technifor Dot-Peen Engravers have 40,000 systems installed worldwide for permanent parts marking on flat or curved surfaces for steel, aluminium & plastic.

Portable Dot-peen Engraver

Ideal engraver where you have to take the engraver to the large part being marked
Technifor DE-M700
Work area 80x30mm 3kg

Portable Dot-peen Marking

Workshop part marking machine

Able to mark tools, parts, plates
DE-XF500p (compressed air)
DE-XF500e (electromagnetic)
Work area 100 x 120 mm 16kg

Workshop part marking machine

Deep impact Dot-Peen Engraver

For trailers, pipes, trusses and RSJs DE-XF-530
Work area 200x50mm 20kg
0.5mm Depth In Stainless

Deep impact Dot-Peen Engraver

Surgical instrument marking-machine


  • Will not fade in the autoclave sterilizer
  • Will not hold bacteria at the engraving site
  • Will not start the corrosion process
  • DE-Medrix (can engrave fine data matrix)

Work area 200x50mm 50Kg

Surgical-instrument marking-machine

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