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Engraving Materials

Engraving Materials Perth

Engraving Laminates

From our extensive range, we will help you select the correct material for your application, with consideration to:

  • Thickness
  • Abrasion
  • Flexibility
  • “UV” resistance
  • Temperature resistance
  • Brass aluminium of plastic
  • Self-adhesive
  • Laser engraver comparable

Cermark Patches for black marking stainless steel

We have self adhesive patches of cermark

A safer, easier and cleaner option than spraying

Can be air freighted for quick delivery 

No Spraying, No washing

Cutters for Engravers and Routers

Engraving Machines are very “cutter specific”. We can advise the correct cutter for your engraver or router. Cutter sharpening service also available.

  • The diameter and length must be correct
  • Cutting, scribing or burnishing
  • Cutter settings for hard metal / soft plastic
  • Tip size for 3mm or 30m high letters
  • Top loading cutter, collet cutter, or Insert type of cutter

Doming Resin

Doming Resin on printed decals and badges Gives a value-added 3D look. Resin type and application is very specific. We can supply a start-up system and supply the various resins.

  • Flexible/soft resin for decals
  • Rigid resin
  • High dome resin option
  • Outdoor full sunlight application
  • Do you have a dual or single UV band oven
  • Applying the resin and removing the bubbles

To identify which engraving system is best for your particular stainless steel engraving,
call 08 9328 7120