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Signage Materials

Changeable Aluminium Door and Wall Signs

Changeable Aluminium Door and Wall SignsAre the solution to the mobile workforce, meeting room, Staff-out notice or building directory in the front foyer. The type of
systems are:

  • Insert type door nameplate, no end-caps
  • Insert type door nameplate, with end-caps
  • Non-insert type door nameplate with end caps
  • Slider type door plate
  • Foyer Directory system or Slatz directory

Sheet Material for making Hotel and Office Signs

Sheet Material for making Hotel and Office SignsA range of sign making materials:

  • Aluminium or low-cost Aluminium laminate
  • Solid polished brass or low-cost laminate brass
  • Standard engraving laminate in rich colours
  • Specialised laminates for making raised letter signs
  • 3D look acrylic (pre-printed on a reverse in rich colours)

The above materials can be :

  • Directly printed to
  • Vinyl letters applied
  • Rotary engraved
  • Reverse Engraved for Hygiene
  • Laser engraved

Doming Resin

Doming ResinDoming Resin on printed decals and badges gives a value-added 3D look. Resin type and application is very speciļ¬c:

  • Flexible/soft resin for decals
  • Rigid resin
  • High dome resin option
  • Outdoor full sunlight application
  • Matching the correct resin to dual or single band oven
  • Applying the resin and removing the bubbles

We can supply a start-up system and supply the various resins.

Adhesive tapes

Adhesive tapesThe three most popular adhesive tapes are:

  • High strength 0.2mm polyester for smooth surfaces
  • Foam core for non-smooth surfaces
  • Laminating tape for joining sheet material

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