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Post: What Engraver do You Need for Your Project?

Engraving is the specialised art of cutting, etching or carving in different materials. There are different machines available out there that work on specific materials and through different types of markings. Some of the typical materials that can be engraved include metal, gemstones, wood, plastic, stone and leather. If you’re looking to get an engraver, you should get in touch with me and my team at Engraving Supplies and we will provide you with the best machines for your engraving needs.

Some of the common types of engraving machines include laser engravers, mechanical engravers, photo engravers and jewelry engravers. Let’s look at these different engravers in more detail.

Mechanical Engravers

Mechanical engravers have been around for a long time. They use stencils or models to transfer designs to the material that you are going to engrave. The cutter on the machine will then mark the materials with the description or design. Mechanical engravers have been popular traditionally with the printing process. The desired lettering or image is engraved on metal or wood plates, which is stamped and inked on the pages using a printing press.

Laser Engravers

Laser engravers are more modern and have become a very popular type of engraving machine in the last couple of decades. Unlike the traditional mechanical machines, laser engravers don’t have a rotary cutter to mark the materials. Instead, they have lasers to do the work. Because of use of lasers, they are considered to have higher levels of precision. You will need a computer to operate laser engravers since the technology in these machines is a bit more complicated and you need to install special software. While some laser engraving machines might come with a packaged software, others may need you to install them separately. Have a look at some of the laser engravers we’ve got on our website.

Photo Engravers

Photo engravers are basically a subset of laser engravers, Using specialised software, photo engravers are able to engrave photographic images and not just simple designs or text into metal. These engravings can be found on things like pet tags, paperweights and back of watches. Sometimes you can find these machines built into a self serving kiosk, where the users can select the desired product and design, select a payment option and wait for the product to emerge from the slots in a few minutes.

Jewelry Engravers

Just like photo engravers, most jewelry engravers are a subset of laser engravers. These machines are designed to engrave jewelry very delicately. While engraving jewelries is not a new practice, the use of lasers to do that is. Lasers allow for a more precise engraving with a neater finish. Lasers can manage engravings of both curved and flat surfaces. You will also see that jewelry engravers have become very compact in size, allowing them to easily fit in small shops or even be installed on kiosks where customers can get the self-service solution. Customers are able to get their watches, rings, photo frames and any other keepsakes engraved. These machines can also be used to engrave trophies, identification tags for pets, tools and medical equipment as well as serial number plates.

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